CarX Street Vs Apex Racing: Best Car Racing Game

CarX Street Vs Apex Racing


You might be thinking about which racing game is best between CarX Street Vs Apex Racing. So, to help you, we will discuss both games in detail and compare features, graphics, Sound system, and many other things with each other.

We cannot say directly that Carx Street is best or Apex Racing is the best racing game than Carx Street because both these games have different kinds of players who love Carx Street more than Apex Racing or Apex Racing more than Carx Street, but still, we will try to find the best racing game between them.

CarX Street Vs Apex Racing

In the above paragraph, it is mentioned that both these games. The players who love to play high-speed racing in the street with drifting features will choose Carx Street because all those features are available in Carx Street, but if the player loves to drive high-speed cars on the highway, he will go for Apex Racing. We have discussed all the features of both games in detail in this blog, so read it to know which is best.

CarX Street Vs Apex Racing Features

Here is the comparison between both games.

CarX Street Vs Apex Racing Features:

Some most common Features of racing games

As we have discussed in our previous blogs about Carx Street vs other top-class racing games, here we will also compare the best Carx Street vs Apex racing; all the features are discussed below in a pattern for you.

Selection of Cars:

 In all types of racing games, selecting a good car is very important, such as cars with varying attributes such as high speed, excellent handling, and cars appearance, because that is the most important element while selecting any car.  CarX Street and Apex Racing offer both types of cars, such as licensed real-world cars, and other fictional cars that do not exist in the real world.

CarX Street Vs Apex Racing

Customization of your cars:

If you want to make any changes to your car, then a customization option is available in both games, which will help you customize your car according to your style. Not only can you change the color of your car, but you can also change the weak parts of your car with new and optimized parts like engines, suspension, and brakes.

CarX Street Vs Apex Racing


In both games, the tracks are different because Carx Street’s aim can be seen by its name, street, which means its expertise in street racing, and other hand apex racing, which focuses on high-speed car racing on highways.

Game Mode:

In every game, this feature is very common. This feature includes game modes such as career mode, time trails, quick races, and drifting mod, available in Carx Street but not in apex racing. Each mode gives the player a different experience, making them enjoy these games.

Tuning and setup:

In Carx Street and Apex racing, you can adjust car settings like suspension, and gearing, which optimize your car’s performance.

Follows Realistic Physics:

In this era’s games, most racing games follow realistic physics, making the racing game real and making us feel that we are driving in real. It’s the best improvement in all racing games, especially Carx Street and Apex Racing.

CarX Street Vs Apex Racing

Downloading Source

Carx Street and Apex Racing are available on the Google Play Store for Android and the app store for IOS. Once you find these games on the Play Store or App Store, you can download them easily and install them for free.


I would say that both games have different levels. No other racing game can compete with these two because, in these games, everything is available that is required for a player, but still, l this question will be in your mind: Which is best between Carx Street and Apex Racing? The answer is simple: Carx Street. We have compared Carx Street with other mobile racing games like CSR Racing 2, Cax Street Vs Drive Zone Online, and many others. The original versions of these games can be downloaded from the Play Store.


It is one of the best racing games developed by Carx Technologist. It focuses on street racing and drifting.

Yes, in both these games, you can play multiplayer, but only if your phone is connected to a stable internet.

Yes, you can easily customize it according to your style.

CarX Street and apex racing sizes are 1.2GB and 700MB, respectively.

Yes, It is available on IOS, PC, and Android also

To get unlimited money, download and install the Carx Street Mod APK.

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