Carx street mod apk for ios
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CarX Street Mod APK For IOS


Additional Information

GenreRacing Game
Size1.2 GB
DeveloperCarX Technologies, LLC
Rating4.4 ( 1124 Reviews )
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About CarX Street APK for IOS

Are you worried that you have an IOS system and think that it’s not possible to play CarX Street APK for IOS? Come on, and Now you can play on your IOS system without any problem. We will provide you with the complete setup, so download CaX Street without wasting your time.

CarX Technologies tried its best to ensure its users enjoy CarX Street on any platform where they can enjoy the graphic. This game is fantastic. In this game, you are not running out of money because of its mod features, and there is a wide range of car collections for those players who want to experience premium cars.

The IOS systems have their quality where you will feel smooth driving because of their sensitivity; however, it is your iPhone, iPad, or Macbook. To achieve a goal and to win another race, you need to spend money, but we have a solution; the solution is that it is available in the version, where you don’t need to worry about money and other paid things in CarX Street  Apk For IOS.

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Rev up Your Engines

So what are you still waiting for? Get ready to start an exciting journey with CarX Street, The ultimate mobile street racing game. With a single finger tap, you can download this game for free, enjoy it on your Android phone, And create a hunger for collecting the legendary cars in your garage. You can go for classic vehicles and high-speed cars manufactured by well-known and respected companies.

CarX Street Apk For IOS Features

Following are some of the key features of Carx Street Mod Apk for IOS

Master the Streets

From this heading, you might know what I will talk about; you are right if you also think about showing racing skills in the street. In this famous game, you will speed up your cars in the streets of different countries and cities and discover the world through that game. But you have to show your skills in that game to dominate your opponent.

Race to Victory

In every game you play, however, it is cricket, hockey, football, basketball, or any other game. CarX Street is famous for street car racing, and if you win the challenges and races, then you will be rewarded with money that can be used to buy cars and upgrade them.

Games Mode Option

Carx Street provides different gaming modes that will help you stay involved in this game and not get bored. Some game modes are drifting, Timer mode, Challenges option, and other great features.

Race to Victory

For MacBook, iPhone, Ipad

As for Windows, it is available for the IOS system, too. All the features are the same, available in Android and PC—no changes in CarX Street for IOS users. If you ask me which platform I want to play this game, I will answer the IOS system because of its smoothness and screen sensitivity.

Are the features the same on Android and IOS?

Carx Street has many fantastic features; this feature makes this game a high-level racing game from others. But to play this game, you must practice and drive skills to win the races and challenges. You need to spend money on the Play Store, but we will provide you with comfort and an amazing, handy feature. 

The APK version helps you get unlimited money and other features available on Android devices, like iPhones and Ipad. However, the impressive features are also mentioned again. So, Free download and install Carx Street now on your device to enjoy the modded version.

CarX Street Apk For IOS

Are the features the same on PC and MacBook?

There is no difference between games on PC and MacBook. You all will enjoy the same features on your PC as on your MacBook, So don’t waste your time and download Carx Street on your PC and MacBook right now. The keyboard of PC and MacBook might be different, but only a little.

How to Install CarX Street APK for IOS

If you want to enjoy the original version of CarX Street instead of APK, go to the Apple Store, but to install the CarX Street APK on your IOS system, Follow the following steps.

  • First, you must Prepare Your iOS Device to download this gaming app.
  • You must open SAFARI on your IOS device and put the following link in the SAFARI browser.
  • So, if you are looking for CarX Street, then search there.
  • After that, you have to find a trusted source from where you can download the link available for the APK file.
  • Now download the Carx Street APK.
  • The device will ask you to allow installation, so you must download it.
  • Enable Trust for the App after the completion of the download process.
  • Now, the game is ready and ready to launch Carx Street APK.


With this guide and knowledge about the Carx Street game, you know about the Carx Street APK. Now enjoy the enhanced gaming experience and explore the exciting features of that version on your IOS system. Again, enjoy all the unlimited cars, offer unlimited money, and most importantly, one of the most exciting racing games the developers have created for us, Money, and game mode, which will never end. 

As we all know Carx Street mod version for Andriod is available, and now it’s on IOS systems; that’s excellent news for IOS users, So download the Carx Street APK for IOS. The feature of this game is amazing and interesting too for the players; they will enjoy every single feature of the CarX Street apk.


It’s very easy to download on IOS; just read the above blog where the downloading method is mentioned.

Yes, it is free, So you can download it now from this site by clicking the below button.

The number of levels in Carx Street MOD APK on iOS can vary depending on the specific version and updates of the game. The modded version of Carx Street may offer additional or modified versions of existing levels with enhanced features.

Yes, you can play that game without the internet, But the multiplayer option is unavailable offline.

You can follow the below steps to unlock and purchase new cars with unlimited money.

  • After downloading the game, launch the game.
  • When the game loads, tap on the Car Showroom option. 
  • Then, you will different cars, select your favorite car, and purchase it.
  • Tap on whatever car you want without worrying about running out of money. All this is only possible if you download the latest version of the Carx Street mod APK from our site,

There are 30 total levels in the Carx Street mod apk. You must work hard to stay consistent to reach the maximum level in this game, as it requires almost 67 thousand XP points. Moreover, the difficulty level keeps increasing as you cross the initial mods. But on the mod version, it is free for all users, so download it now and enjoy the Carx Street mod apk on IOS.

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