CSR Racing 2 Vs CarX Street: Best in the Racing Game Field

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CarX Street and CSR Racing 2 have been the best mobile racing games for the last 3 years, but one of the famous games is CarX Street for its landscape up to that point. However, we will discuss CSR Racing in detail and compare CSR Racing 2 vs CarX Street. Read this blog till the end so you will also get to know about the best racing game.

CSR Racing 2 vs CarX Street

CSR Racing 2:


Firstly, we will discuss CSR Racing 2, developed by the famous developer “NaturalMotion” and published by Zynga. This game focuses on real CRS racing, mechanism, stunts, realistic physics, highly rated graphics, and customized options.

High-quality graphics: 

The CSR Racing 2 is getting too much attention from the user due to its high-quality graphics; you will see 3D features that make this game very realistic. That game is also impressive due to its user-friendly environment and design.

Licensed Cars:

If we talk about any car racing game, the main topic we discuss is the car’s speed, model, design, engine, and expertise, whether it’s good for highways or off-road. The special thing about this racing game is its licensed cars, which are in demand nowadays, like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, and many other supercars.

Customization feature: 

As we all know, customization features are available in all kinds of racing games, but this game allows you to personalize the appearance of your vehicles with different things like using custom paints, upgrading your engine, and changing vehicle tires.

Realistic Tuning:

Participants can also tune their vehicles for better performance, and this feature will help them to win different competitions. You can upgrade all the important parts of vehicles by spending money on tuning.

Multiplayer Option:

CSR Racing 2 offers multiplayer and single-player mode options. In Single-player mode, you can compete with an AI bot to win the race, and in multiplayer mode, you can play online with different people worldwide, but you need a stable internet connection.

Team Play Mode:

It is different from other racing games because you can create a team of 4 5 players and compete in different competitions online.

Regular Updates:

The developers frequently release updates and update new cars, features, and other modes. This makes the game free from any anti-virus.

CSR Racing 2 vs CarX Street

CarX Street:

In this game, you will find cars jumping from the top of high-peaks that look super osm. These are available in Carx Street, and dangerous stunts are impossible after customizing the Car, so you need to do it regularly. Carx Street is improving its context and features after intervals of time to give the best result to the players.

That game is all about car racing in the streets of cities and highways. Here are some features that are written below

Customizing of Car

That feature is common among all the racing games. CarX Street also offers this mode and helps the players express their creativity by creating differently designed cars.


You can play with different online friends in multiplayer mode, which will help you to make new friends.

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CSR Racing 2 vs CarX Street

How to Play CarX Street and CSR Racing 2

There is no difference between for downloading CarX Street and CSR Racing 2. Still we have written the steps for your easier.

Follow the following steps for the downloading both games

  • Open play store or app store on your phone
  • Search your favorite game and click the download button..
  • little patience to complete its installation process.
  • Now just launch the app and play the game.


CSR Racing 2 provide the user a hyper real drag racing.

Over 50 Cars in CSRR2 and over 70 cars in CarX Street

Yes, it is but you need to download emulator to play on pc or laptop.


In conclusion of this I’ll let you know about CSR Racing 2 Vs CarX Street, CAX Street is a street racing game which was released and gained too much fam after that date. If you still have any problem in choosing which game should you play then I will recommend you to read the the reviews, game tutorial, and its rating which will help you to get know about the best racing game.

As for CSR Racing 2, its is a famous game for its real hyper drag racing features. In this game you will see many other features like customization, high-quality graphics, licensed cars, tunning and upgrading option, multiplayer mode, team play mode and regular updates are also available in this particular racing game.

But now like other games in this the question raises that which is best game to play between CSR Racing 2 Vs CarX Street? and the answer you already knows. So I again recommend you to read the reviews before you download the particular game from any source whether it is Play Store or App Store.

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