CarX Street Mod Apk
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CarX Street Mod Apk


Unlimited Money

Additional Fun Modes

No Restrictions

Unlimited Fuel+Gold

Unlocked Cars

Ads Free

Additional Information

GenreRacing Game
Size1.2 GB
DeveloperCarX Technologies, LLC
Rating4.4 ( 1124 Reviews )
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About CarX Street Mod Apk

Are you a street car racing lover? If yes, you landed on the right website where you will get this in CarX Street Mod Apk for free, a high-quality game. This game allows you to move freely around the City in search of races and challenges. It’s not just about racing; you can earn money to buy new cars after winning the challenges and races.

The main thing in this game is that it looks very realistic while we are driving the car and can feel its light engine. Not only that, but this game also provides different gameplay modes. These include single-player and multiplayer races, which help you compete against your friends and other online people worldwide, and offer the Carx Street Unlimited money, Cars, and gold coins, which we can get by doing nothing. 

The Carx technologies, the developers, have also allowed the player to change the car’s color, suspensions, tires, and other things that suit them while racing. Carx Street also offers exciting challenges and tournaments, making the game challenging and thrilling. This game also allows the player to earn more bonus points. So download the latest CarX Street Mod Apk.
1.1.1 version, released on 18 November 2023.

CarX Street Mod Apk

CarX Street Mod Apk Features

As we all know, we need to spend a lot on the original Carx Street to get your dream car, but here in this version, all features and game modes are available in the Carx Street apk; so what are you waiting for? Get this apk without hesitation, and become a street racer in the dynamic, open world. 

Unlimited Money

This feature is one of the best this game has ever had. This Unlimited Money feature allows you to buy any car for zero pence. You can also buy the most expensive car for zero pence and customize those cars for free. In simple you need to give too much time to earn money, but in the mod apk feature, it’s optional that much.

Unlimited Gold

Unlimited gold in this game means you can be unlocked or purchase whatever you want. It might be cars, tracks, and other stuff. It will also provide you access to the premium features and advantages of CarX. This unlimited gold feature is not available in the original version, but you will get rewards in this version.

Fun Modes

You might have played too many games, and in all those games, this single mode would be missing, but in the Carx Street mod apk, this additional fun mode is fantastic. With this campaign mode, you can enjoy the game much more. This mode will allow you to choose narrow and short tracks to play a quick game. 

No Restrictions

 An essential feature will be this in the version. In this mode feature, there is no restriction, no rule, no regulation. You will be the king of that game, which the player will control. You can change the theme, track, and many other things. If you prefer a storyline, there are some modes where you can enjoy them.

Modified Menu

The menu is a common feature in every game, but for the Carx street mod apk, this feature will help the player. This menu feature allows you to access game navigation, Settings and customization, Progress tracking, Pause, tune your car, and in-game action. This feature will help you know the other player’s score while racing.

Chasing Criminal

Wouldn’t you love to be a police officer chasing a criminal? I’m sure you would like to chase and catch the criminal car that lost money. The player will enjoy these chasing criminals, too, with the help of this mod apk feature by showing his driving skills. This feature is only in Carx Street.

Unlocked Cars

This feature also includes unlocking all premium cars. All famous cars are available for the players. All you need is to know how to tackle high-speed cars. So download free now to enjoy Free cars with unlimited fuel, a bonus package for all the Carx Street mod apk players.

Ads Free

Ads free in the modified version of this game will help them play with joy because there will be no advertisement in that version during gameplay or in between levels. So, they have removed ads and made it ads free game that will not interrupt the player while playing the game.

Race, Collect, and Conquer in CarX Street, Rev up Your Engines

So what are you still waiting for? Get ready to start an exciting journey with CarX Street, The ultimate mobile street racing game. With a single finger tap, you can download this Carx street Mod APK free, enjoy it on your Android phone, And create a hunger for collecting the legendary cars in your garage. You can go for classic vehicles and high-speed cars manufactured by well-known and respected companies.

CarX Street Mod Apk

Standard Features of CarX Street

1. Looks Real Street Racing

In the Carx Street Mod APK, the developer’s primary focus is to improve the racing skills of the player, which looks authentic for the player. The Carx Street game is all about speed, and it becomes more enjoyable when you race in the street and urban environment. This street race game includes the night-time aesthetic, creating a distinctive atmosphere with neon lights, city skylines, and a darker ambiance.

2. Multiple Gaming Mode Feature

You might be bored after playing other games because of the same mod feature, but Carx Street introduces an excellent multiple-gaming mode feature. That includes four different types of modes which will diverge the User. Drift mode, timer mode, police mode, and racing mode are included to make the player happy and increase his fun level. All the ways, the common thing is to win the race and to get the leader score + bonus points.

3. Expensive Cars Collection

You will be a passionate high-speed car driver if you love to play race games. In this mod apk game, you can drive your dream cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, and many more. There are almost 40 world-famous cars that you can own in a fictional world. But remember before choosing any car about your aim because every vehicle has a different specialization. 

4. Play Online With Anyone Around the World

A most impressive feature is playing online racing with anyone, which helps you make friends worldwide and get a racing experience. You can also play with friends and loved ones to enjoy this gaming feature. And play in modes like drift, timer, police, and racing mode.

5. Travel around the World of this Fictional World

You can travel in this fictional world by choosing your favorite car. In this game, you can travel to Asia, North America, South America, Europe, and all its states, so what are you waiting for? Just download it for free link is mentioned below.

6. Unlock Impressive bonuses by Winning Races

If you are skillful in driving speed cars and winning the race, then good news for them. They can get impressive bonuses by winning racers, but if they cannot beat the races, then there are other modes available. These modes will help you to win a reward and to unlock the locked cars.

Pros and Cons


You can select your favorite cars or build the car in your way.

This game will provide you realistic gaming experience.

Using CarX Street will also enhance your gaming experience with the help of high-quality Graphics.

 Unlimited features are available here in this latest modified version, like unlimited money, gems, coins, fuel, Ad-free, and many other features.

The are no bugs in the game, but if you find any bugs, contact us so we can help you.


This game’s difficulty might not suit everyone.

Carx Street depends on your network connectivity, So if you are playing multiplayer, you need a stable internet connection.

If your phone’s low specs will create problems as your mobile will hang.

No automatic updates will be in this version; whether you want to update it is up to you.

The Mod APK files might contain Spyware.

Installation Procedure

If you want to enjoy the original CarX Street version instead of the Mod APK, go to the Google Play store, but to install the CaX Street Mod APK on your Android phone, Follow the following steps.

1. Now download the Carx Street Mod APK file from the website by clicking the below button

2. Before installing, go to your phone’s Settings, “Security” or “Privacy” section; then, enable the install app from unknown resources.

3. When the download process is complete, go to the file manager and install the Carx Street Mod APK.

4. Installation will take a little bit of time; after that completion, the Carx street icon will appear on your home screen

Experienced After Download

The game market is full of high-speed racing cars where you can drive at top speed and become the legend of the sunset city of Carx Street. Players play different Car race games, but CarX Street gives a fantastic experience of expectation and satisfaction to the players, which is not available in other racing car games.

The player feels they are the real driver of cars in competition. They think of all kinds of driving experiences from this racing game, like the sound of the car engine, steering wheel, drifting wheels and crashing the other cars. All these features lead to the experience of the racing environment. A player cannot resist downloading the CarX Street APK version when he plays the CarX Street mod APK once. The full version of Carx Street is also available on our website.


While playing this game, the player will enjoy all the modified features of CarX Street. If you download the CarX Street Mod APK and start playing, you can earn many prizes, such as high-speed cars, advanced tracks, and many other features. In this mod APK version, you can not only get unlimited money, fuel, and cars, but you will also get a chance to play against any other player online and beat them while using these mod features.

Still, you might be thinking of special cars provided by the Carx Street Mod APK, some of which include vehicles like Ferrari, Lamborghini, sports cars, and cars of your dreams. Having a great collection of powerful cars in your garage is a great pleasure. These vehicles improve your game experience. Different modes in this mod version will boost your confidence level while playing.

While playing this game, the player will enjoy all the modified features of CarX Street. If you download the CarX Street mod and start playing, you can earn prizes such as high-speed cars, advanced tracks, and many other features. In this version, you can get unlimited money, fuel, and cars, and you will also get a chance to play against any other player online and beat them while using these modified features.

After downloading the game and the installation process, you can select supercars and start enjoying racing. You will enjoy the best gaming experience. Everything is unlimited in the Carx Street mod APK, like gold, money, fuel, or anything else. Just keep this point in mind: this game is free for all users.

My final words about Carx Street are that this game is impressive and User-friendly because everything you want is available in Carx. So save your time playing other useless games, and download the APK right now; it’s a free mod version for your Android devices. If you further want to find the best games, then the comparison with Carx Street vs Carx Drift Racing 2 and other games are in blog section is posted in the blog section. One more thing: You will not get bored throughout the game. Leave a comment or contact our support if you love that game or have any suggestions you want to give; we are more welcome.

If you want to download Carx Street v1.0.2 on Android and IOS, click the download button now and play Carx Street mod APK. Before you install the Carx Street APK, you need to confirm whether it’s a trusted source. There are some old versions of Carx Street that you can download on your mobile phone. 


It is very easy to download on Android; just read the above blog mentioning the downloading method.

Yes, the developer has made this game good for IOS devices.

 You will need storage space of up to 2GB

CarX Street Mod APK does not have a specific feature to zoom in or out of the game.

Yes, it is available

You can use any screen recorder to record the game.

You may face issues while playing Carx Street Mod apk like stability problems, Compatibility Issues, and security risks.

By just clicking the above or below downloads button.

You can get its account simply by downloading Carx Street.

Carx technologists are the developer who makes this.