Drive Zone Online Vs CarX Street – A Battle of Racing

Drive Zone Online Vs CarX Street


Get ready now because to rev up your excitement level, we have compared the best racing games which are very famous these days, especially among mobile users who love to play car racing games, Drive Zone Online Vs CarX Street. These two games are already very famous nowadays. But still, these two games are different and have unique features which are really impressive so to make easy for you we will compare these two racing games

Drive Zone Online Vs CarX Street

Carx Street and drive zone are famous games that excite players, especially kids and others facing mental disturbance. Both these games offer high-speed car racing and different modes, which makes these racing games very exciting for the players.

Features and Tools

Drive Zone Online Vs CarX Street Features

Drive Zone Online Vs CarX Street Features and Tools:

Impressive detail:

You have fewer games like that; in these two games, the graphics result is very attractive and makes the player their fan, allowing them to play for hours and hours. Every race gives you cinematic experience, From cars pain to tracks and environment looks so real, which makes these two games different from other.

Life Experience:

Carx Street and Drive Zone online give the realism touch, and if we relate this with our real-life experience, we can say very easily that it’s like driving the real car we drive in real life.

Test Your Skills:

You go for your driving test to get a driving license. But you know what these two games are really like driving a real car so you can drive that car and test your skills by making a grip on its steering and accelerator.

Drive Zone Online Vs CarX Street

How to Play Drive Zone Online Vs CarX Street

The playing Method for both is the same, so the method is given below in bullet points. The mod version of carx street is also available on our website in which every thing is for free.

Follow the following steps for the downloading of carx street and drive zone online

  • The first step is to open the Play Store on android or the app store on IOS and search for your desired game.
  • Now Click the download button and wait for the completion then install the game.
  • After the installation just launch the app and start the game.
  • Customization option are also available in both these games.

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The latest version cars street is 0.9.4 and drive zone online latest version is 0.6.0

Both these games are offline, but if you want to play multiplayer, you need a stable internet connection.

Its depends on player taste which game he loves to play.

You just need to download the game, and you have to down; an emulator to play on the computer or the laptop.


In conclusion, it is crystal clear that both these games, including CarX Street and Drive Zone Online, offer players unique and enjoyable racing experiences. CarX Street provides a realistic racing simulation with its stunning graphics and authentic physics engine, while Drive Zone Online focuses on multiplayer competition and customization options.

Now the question arises that which game the player should play. Then the answer is quite simple it depends on individual preferences, whether the players want to play Carx Street which is based on street car racing, and on the other hand drive zone online, which is based on high-speed car racing on highways, deserts and other dangerous tracks, that is the conclusion of Drive zone online vs Carx Street. If you want to download the original version of these games you can simply download it from the play store.

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