CarX Street 60 Fps Config

CarX Street 60 Fps Config


CarX street is gaming popularity in world wide the user often asked question about this game. Can we play CarX Street 60 Fps Config? if yes then how we can achieve it if not then how we can make setting for maximum optimization.

How CarX Street 60 Fps Config Works?

if someone ask me if it is possible to achieve 60 fps config? then the answer is simply No! but the game developer have made 60 fps possible in iOS devices. on android and other device it is unavailable but yet it is possible .

You can max hit 30 is onely possible if you follow the proper setting. First we enter CarX Street game setting .in game setting we .in setting we enter in grahfic option there you will follow the six option to as follow and implement these settings


Graphics setting in the CarX Street

Graphic quality: High

Resolution: High

Render distance: High

Texture quality: High

Motion blur: On (Most Important one)

Smoke intensity: Low

Motion Blur On:

Motion blur actually work a lot even at a low frame rate but it can increase the load but it helps.
when we turn on motion blur the motion of our car is smooth and also the surrounding looks smoother when we took a screen shoot of it its look like that our car is in motion.

Motion Blur Off:

we can not ignore the importance of motion blur when it is off generally frame rate drop and it seems that wheel are not moving
When motion blur is off it consumes more battery health and also effect the processor that’s why your mobile phone heats a lot.

The CarX Street do not provide 60 fps officially if third party app provide it then don’t use it because it heat your phone a lot and wait for official announcement from the CarX Technology on android you cant get more than 30 fps. CarX only goes up to 30-32 fps

iOS/Apple Phone Settings

iOS/Apple Phone Settings > Screen Time > Turn on Screen Time.

Settings > General > Airplay and handoff > Automatically airplay to tvs > Never

Settings > General >Picture in picture> Turn Off start picture in picture

Settings > General > Background app refresh > Off

Settings> Accessibility > Display and text size > Turn ON, Reduce transparency.

Settings> Accessibility > Side button > Click speed > Default

Settings> Accessibility > Side button > Press and hold to speak > Off

Settings> Developer mode> ON

Why Is CarX Street 60 FPS Config Important

Following are the answer that why is Carx Street 60FPS Config is Important

  • Competitive Advantage
  • Better Visuals 
  • Less Motion Sickness
  • Optimization and Performance 
  • Improved Input Responsiveness 


Every CarX enthusiast aspires for a CarX Street 60 fps configuration. Regrettably, Android devices are unable to achieve this due to ongoing game optimization requirements by developers. However, selected iOS devices powered by A13–A16 processors can attain frame rates ranging from 30fps to an unlimited range.

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