Hill Climb Racing Vs CarX Street: Unlash the Best One

Hill Climb Racing Vs CarX Street


Hill Climb Racing Vs CarX Street, you might be surprised by this comparison because there is a big difference between these two games. Carx Street is especially a realistic base car race with high-quality graphics, while on the other side, Hill Climb Race is a great game to play. Everything is cartoonist graphics, which are specially made for kids, but after reaching the top levels, it becomes difficult for the player to complete the levels, and that makes the game very interesting. In Hill Climb Race, you will face many other hurdles to pass the level. We will discuss this game in detail to get the best racing game for you.

Hill Climb Racing Vs CarX Street Features

Certainly, here’s a detailed comparison of “CarX Street vs Hill Climb Race,” including their features:

CarX Street Features:

CarX Street genre is a high-speed car racing game in which you can get the drifting mode, making the game very high class for the player. Some of the features of CarX Street are written below in detail so you can understand them better. The special part of this racing game is that it gives you realistic physics, which helps the player enjoy the racing game. CarX Street also gives you various options for customization, upgrading of cars, and many options for the player.

Realistic Physics:

You have yet to see any racing game that follows realistic car physics, but Carx Street is different because this game emphasizes realistic car physics, especially when drifting your car.

Customization of Your Car:

The customization option is available in every game, but there are some limitations or need money to customize their car in Cars Street. It’s free; here, you can make your car using different paints, rims, tires, etc.

Car Upgrades:

You need to earn money by winning races and tournaments to upgrade your car; this will also improve its performance and give the best result in competitions.


Multiplayer is another feature only available when connected to a stable internet connection.


Tracks in racing games are very important because they help us improve our driving skills. In CarX Street, you will see tracks like muddy areas, highways, streets, etc.

Controls option

CarX Street offers various control options like touch and tilt controls for driving the car.

Hill Climb Racing Vs CarX Street

Hill Climb Racing Features:

Hill Climb Race is a genre adventure physics-based driving game that is famous for its simple gameplay mode. The game features vehicles, such as Cars, trucks, monster cars, bikes, buses, and many others. This game aims to pass the level by collecting coins and fuel.

Physics-Based Gameplay: 

Hill Climb Racing is very famous for its unique, funny, physics-based gameplay mode. There are two buttons; you must control the vehicles by pressing the buttons when needed.


You will find different kinds of vehicles which are impressive on the roads.


Upgrade is a common option in every racing game; you can upgrade your cars. To upgrade the car, you need coins.

Diverse Environments:

You will see different environments, such as mountains, deserts, rainbow areas, grassy areas, etc.


In the hill climb race, there is no multiplayer option, but in the latest version, Hill Climb Race 2, the developer also introduces a multiplayer option for the player.

Hill Climb Racing Vs CarX Street

Downloading Instructions

  1. There is no rocket science to download the game; you need to go to the preferred app and download and install it.
  2. After installation, launch the game and enjoy playing it.

Tips and Tricks to Play CarX Street

  1. Drifting Practice: The key to success in CarX Street is improving your drifting skills in this game. And also need to practice how to control the car when you are driving at high speed.
  2. Improve handling: Improve handling and acceleration will help you to get success in different competitions.
  3. Brake Tactically: Braking at the right time can also help you to control your vehicle. This will also help you to drift your cars impressively.
  4. Learn the Tracks: Check out the tracks first before you start the race because learning the track’s hurdles will help you to win the races.

Tips and Tricks to Play Hill Climb Racing

  1. Balancing Gas and Brake: These two gas and brakes are buttons used to control the vehicle; if you fail to balance the gas and brake buttons, you will fail.
  2. Collect Fuel Can: In this gaming journey, you need fuel, so fuel cans are available with coins. This will help you to continue your journey and to complete the mission.
  3. Lean Forward/Backward: This function works well when upgrading the vehicle’s parts. This will also increase your to earning more coins.
  4. Choose the Right Vehicle: Different vehicles work differently on different tracks, so choose the right vehicle for the right mission.


It’s been one year since I’ve played these games, and I love that game. The mod version of CarX Street is also available on our site, where you can download it unrestricted.

Yes, before this, you have to download bluestack or any other emulator.

Yes, it’s an Offline game.

There are 20 levels in Hill Climb Racing

Both are good games, but still, I will say it depends on the player.


In Summary, I will conclude with some facts about both these games. Hill Climb Racing Vs CarX Street, as we have compared both these games in detail and discussed their features so you choose the best racing game. There needs to be more comparison between Hill Climb Racing Vs CarX Street. We have already discussed in our previous post that it depends on the player’s taste, but in this case, it’s different because CarX Street is a realistic base racing game, and the hill climb race is an adventure physics-based game. If you want to download the original version of these games, you can download it from the Play Store.

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