Carx Street Vs Racing Master: Reveling of Best Racing Game

Carx Street Vs Racing Master


Do you need clarification about which racing to be selected? If this is your quire, we will make it easy for you to choose Carx Street Vs Racing Master. Both are great racing games that different developers develop. These games provide you with the best gaming experience for sure. For further explanation and to know which game is good, read the blog thoroughly, in which everything is detailed about Carx Street Vs Racing Master.

Carx Street Vs Racing Master

There is not too much difference between these two games, but the modes of the games are different from each other, like their features, Graphics, Cars, and mainly. One is forcing high-speed car racing, and the other is on street racing + drifting.

Carx Street and Racing Master: Features and Tools

Here is the comparison between Carx Street Vs Racing Master.

CarX Street Features:


CarX Street is based on street racing, and it allows users to do extraordinary stunts and discoveries, which makes the player enjoyable and never get bored from the game; that’s its specialty, and in a short time, users get attached to this game and never look for others.

Multiplayer :

CarX Street also offers an online multiplayer feature, which helps the player play with different opponents worldwide. However, fewer players play online because the multiplayer mode appears only if you have a good internet connection.

Arcade-Style Racing

CarX Street offers different varieties of modes, but a special one is the arcade racing experience with fast and furious cars with high speed, responsive control, and a focus on a realistic racing game.

Carx Street Vs Racing Master

Real Master Features:

Real Racing Technique:

This game’s good quantity, which follows an accurate racing technique. You can learn the actual driving tactics from here, too. This game is based on real physics, precise handling, and authentic racing techniques.

Toughest Multiplayer:

Real Racing 2 offers a competitive multiplayer mode. This makes the game not that easy for every user. It can only be played by those who already have practiced this before because, for newbies, it might be a bit tough.

Carx Street Vs Racing Master

How to Play Carx Street Vs Racing Master

Playing Methods for both are the same, so methods are given below in bullet points.

You have to download and Install the game. However, it is CarX Street or Racing Master.

After that, Launch the Game

If you don’t know about that game, you must watch a tutorial video to get some knowledge about the game.

Both games offer game modes, so select modes like drifting, racing, and challenges.

Select your favorite car.

Customize and upgrade the car or tracks if it’s required.

Now select Race/Drift, whatever you like

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Carx Street and Racing Master Pros And Cons


Real car racing experience which you can really enjoy.

Skill-based precision driving, which also helps you to drive in real.

Customization and car tuning by this feature, you can customize your car according to your style.


There is a limited car selection; if you want to buy a new car, you need money.

Less extensive multiplayer features are available


In summary, Carx Street and Racing Master focus on different things. CarX Street focuses on street racing and stunts+ Drifting, and Racing Master focuses on high-speed car racing. It depends on the user’s preference, a broader racing experience or a high-speed car racing experience on the highway most experience. If you want to download the original version of these games, you can download it from the Play Store.


Yes, both are amazing games, and I love them both

Yes, because this game holds the crown as the best racing game till now

Carx Street Vs Racing Master, Both are good games; we cannot choose one. It’s upto the player who plays.

Real Racing 3 size is 2.65GB and Carx street size is 1.03GB

To get unlimited money, download and install the Carx Street Mod APK.

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